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Network with other sellers with many different business models in our Facebook group and at local meetings. We SUPPORT each other. Co-opetition!


Weekly webcasts showcase successful sellers, industry experts and coaches. Ask a question or start a conversation. There is amazing actionable information!


Save with discounts on leading software, conferences and classes. Industry leading deals from Bubblefast, TaxJar, Appeagle, Feedvisor, and more!


There is so much here for you to grow with and enjoy! BOLOs, Contests, Scavenger Hunts, Pay It Forward Day Celebration and so much more!

What Our Members Say

testi-scanner-monScanner Monkey is combination of motivated sellers, great ideas, encouragement, suggestions and product discount in a no-drama environment! Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or have some experience – you’ll find your tribe at Scanner Monkey.
Guusje Moore
I owe most of my Amazon success to Scanner Monkey and following all the the great info that is shared here. Never doubt yourself we are capable of much more than we think we are.
Jon Graham
testi-scanner-monI joined in 2014 before I decided to do FBA full time. First for the BOLO posts, but it has evolved into way more than that. So many awesome posts that help shorten my learning curve, and just simply amazing networking with awesome sellers who are so willing to help. And did i mention that their SMTV webcasts are second to none? Thank you Scanner Monkey for everything. I have met so many people who I call close friends now. My business would not be where it is in such a short period of time without your help.
Agus Purwanto
harveyI first joined to just observe the conversations and product finds, 2 years later, much to the credit of the Scanner Monkey group, I actively network daily with some of the strongest minds in FBA and have built a 6 figure monthly business.
Harvey Spectre
GroleauScanner Monkey is in a league of its own, many try to copy it, none can duplicate it
John Groleau
ramonaI have been with Scanner Monkey since just about the beginning, and have loved watching the growth and metamorphosis into one of the most respected groups on Facebook. The camaraderie, support, generosity and humor are unparalleled in a group this size! I am proud to be part of it!
Ramona Janelle
howardAs an original member, I’ve always appreciated is the sense of community and support the group provides. In 2014, I posted about an extended trip my wife and I were making to take acting classes and source on the road which was a big step for us financially. Much to my surprise the response from my fellow Scanner Monkeys was overwhelming. I got words of encouragement, prayers, and offers to meet up. I couldn’t believe all the support I received from so many members who didn’t know me at all. It was truly amazing. The members are always willing to offer support, encouragement and inspiration to anyone in the group. So don’t be afraid to ask questions, share fears and in general “be real”. You will get back so much more than you can ever expect! –
Jeff Howard
From a business standpoint the 20 bucks for Scanner Money is a necessity. Anytime I have a question Scanner Monkeys (experts) have an answer in minutes. Where else does 20 bucks give you this access? At my day job we paid a consulting firm about 15k per week for this access…and they were jerks. –

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  • Access to our private Facebook Group filled with over 1,300 POSITIVE, like-minded sellers ready to share and help!
  • Exclusive discounts on conferences, software, and services (no affiliate marketing EVER)
  • Access to replays of our over 100 educational webcasts and interviews (new ones weekly) filled with ACTIONABLE content and amazing strategies
  • Monthly group coaching
  • Deal database with over 2,000 BOLOs (the BOLOG)
  • LIVE networking events all over the country!
  • Belonging to our FUN and INFORMATIVE TRIBE of Amazon sellers at all different levels who support and help each other!

  • Access to our private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Replays of our over 100 educational webcasts
  • Deal database with over 2,000 BOLOs (the BOLOG)
  • LIVE networking events all over the country!
  • Belonging to our POSITIVE and INFORMATIVE TRIBE!
guarntee-signNO RISK: We offer a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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Monkey Leadership Team

Jay Bayne

Jay Bayne

King Monkey

  • Amazon Seller Since: 2012
  • Specialties: Online Arbitrage, Toys
  • Other Talents: Wine Pro,
    Networking, Sales
Cordelia Blake

Cordelia Blake

Queen Monkey

  • Amazon Seller Since: 2013
  • Specialties: Bundles, Clothing, Wholesale
  • Other Talents: Teaching, Marketing, Networking
Ashley Fabris

Ashley Fabris

Monkey Manager

  • Amazon Seller Since: 2014
  • Specialties: Grocery, Health & Beauty
  • Other Talents: Shipping, Graphics, Membership