“Increase Your Bottom Line…”

I can tell you that from just one BOLO post, I more than paid for my membership fees for the next ten years. Not only can you make money with the BOLO posts, but you can also increase your bottom line by learning from the experiences of others in the group. This group is not just about making more money and improving business practices. This group is an amazing community of like-minded individuals who come together to do life together.
-Stephen, Fort Worth, Texas

“Finding So Much More To Source…”

I have been scanning a lot more different things because of the BOLOs. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and finding so much more to source. I’ve been “working” about 20 hours a week on the weekends. I am a flight attendant. My goal is to get our credit cards medical bills paid off, then for hubby and me to go part time. This group’s sharing has made a huge difference.
-Joyce, Indianapolis, IN

“Learn From DECADES of experience…”

I didn’t come, nor did I stay for the BOLOs. I’m here to learn from the multiple DECADES of experience in this group. In the scant few weeks I’ve been here I have learned more than I did in six months on my own and have made some online friendships that I hope last a long time to come. ScannerMonkey, it’s like the Vulcan mind meld for FBAers!
-James, Houston, TX

“Deals Are Abundant…”

BOLOs and ScannerMonkey opens up your mind to opportunity, and allows you to think “outside the box” or your limited scouting past, and shows you that product is everywhere, and deals are abundant, and allows you to realize that YOU can succeed, no matter where you are, and grow your business!! Go for it!!! Monkeys GO FORWARD…
-Bob, Maryland

A Scanner Monkey is someone who goes bananas for selling products on Amazon and eBay.We are constantly learning and growing.

Scanner Monkeys, support each other, have fun, & make money!

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