Rod is a full time Amazon seller living in Lafayette, Louisiana. He has been selling online since Feb 2014. He sources via wholesale, private label, and retail arbitrage. He also earns money doing some bookkeeping for a local hotel company.
Goals: “I’m striving to transition from a lifestyle business to an equity business and building our seasoning and sauce brand. I love the location flexibility online selling provides, my wife is finishing her PhD and will be on the job market in the next few months. Its a relief to know I’ll be able to operate this business wherever we land.”
Moo-Lah: “We’ve doubled our sales and increased our profit margin every year. We are striving to do the same this year with a goal of 300k in sales and a 35% profit.”
A Few Things: “I live with my wife and daughter. I also have 3 grown children making their way in the world.:-) I love watching The Profit.”
What do you love about being a part of Scanner Monkey?
“Such a variety of people and business models, I learn so much.”