We’d like to share some of what we accomplished in 2016 as a group. Our group, as far as we know, is like no other. We focus entirely on the tribe, with no affiliate marketing or “gurus”. We all have value to offer each other. We thank you for being a member of our list and invite you to join our tribe. It’s a strategic and useful way to invest only $20 a month and have access to hundreds or thousands of dollars of resources each day.
FACEBOOK GROUP HIGHLIGHTS 2016: (post links are for members only)
  • Tape Machines – WORTH IT! We are warehouse geeks at heart. Full post 
  • We celebrated our THIRD ANNIVERSARY by giving away over $7000 worth of prizes to members!
  • There were some tough changes to the FBA landscape but our members looked on the positive side.
  • At least 15 of our members sold 1 Million in product for the first time in 2016! CONGRATS!
  • We saw many full timers thrive.
  • Our members diversified in so many ways this year. Whether it was new marketplaces (Jet, Walmart and more), new countries (UK and beyond), or new ways of sourcing (wholesale, private label and manufacturing)
  • We were inspired to learn how our members got their start. Here.
  • We also had members who had a tough year who reached out to each other and are continuing to build, re-build and grow. Here.
We had many contests for our members, they won thousands of dollars worth of prizes throughout the year. Prizes were awarded in the form of gift cards, merch, classes, and services. We’ve already had 2 CONTESTS in 2017! “Best End Of Year Tip” and “Best Wholesale Tip”. More coming every month!
#SMTV IN 2016:
We had an incredible array of guests this year on #SMTV. We published a few choice shows on our YouTube channel but, most of our juiciest content is for members only to replay at will. A few of our YouTube replays:
A few of our replays which are available to members only covered topics and guests such as former Amazon exec Peter Kearns, Wholesale with Eddie Levine, Private Label, Credit Card Wizardry, FBA Family, Shoe Sourcing and MORE! We produced over 40 shows with actionable content! 
We already have an amazing schedule of shows in 2017! Join us LIVE at our new time, Thursdays at 8PM EST/ 5PM PAC. See our FACEBOOK PAGE for weekly show registration. LIVE shows are FREE, many replays are for members only. Upcoming shows:
  • Building A Sellable Amazon Business (THIS WEEK-1/10. REGISTER)
  • Daneen England, Seller Success Story! Rising Like A Phoenix and THRIVING in 2016 After Their Warehouse BURNED DOWN (1/19)
  • Listing Writing Strategy Session with Karon Thrackston (1/26)
  • Etsy Basics (2/2)
Other Topics Coming In 2017: China Sourcing, Going International and MORE!
We were so happy to connect in person with our members and more importantly, see our members connect with each other! Just a FEW of our get togethers in 2016 include: Our Cruise, Orlando Happy Hour, Resonate Atlanta, Rocky Mountain Resellers Conference in Denver, Retail Global in Vegas, eComChicago.  Images at the bottom of this post.
Check out these blog posts for some free info and resources:
We added tons of new discounts for our members. For software, conferences, courses, books and more. We are always looking to add more. Please see our members only website for a full list.
Thank you for being part of our community, for sharing us with your colleagues and friends and for being a community leader and friend! Our group continues to stay strong and healthy because of our members! Please tell your friends about us and JOIN. You can’t beat the deal for $20/month. The more members that we have, the more discounts we can get, the more events we can host, and the more resources we have for everyone.
All the best,
-Jay, Cordelia, & Ashley