About Us

Scanner Monkey was founded by Jay Bayne in October 2013 to provide a fun place where online sellers could gather to share info, support, fun stories, and even a few BOLOs!  The origin story of Scanner Monkey is tied into a Victor Hugo quote “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”.

It has now evolved in to a group of over one thousand sellers! We are THE Chamber Of Commerce for Amazon sellers. We are here for networking, learning, discounts and deals.   Scanner Monkey is like a virtual water cooler in a cool, cutting edge office where positive minded sellers can gather to share in their successes and exchange ideas. 

More than anything, our tribe is a team of seasoned and knowledgeable veterans, mixed with wide eyed and inquisitive newbies where EVERYONE plays an important part!

Who Is In Charge Of This Monkey Business?

Jay Bayne

JayI have been selling on Amazon for 4 years. I am a pro at online arbitrage and even developed a deal finding tool for other sellers (CyberMonkeyDeals.com). I started Scanner Monkey in 2013 to provide a hub for sellers who want to help each other in a friendly and positive environment. I have several streams of income that I devote my time to, of which selling on Amazon is one. I live in Houston, TX with my wife, 3 kids, and 5 pets!

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Cordelia Blake


I have been selling on Amazon for 3 years. I started with thrifting and retail arbitrage and have since moved to almost entirely online arbitrage and wholesale. I love putting new products on Amazon and now am the the only seller on almost all of my listings. I teach classes to sellers as well as product manufacturers on how to strategically sell on Amazon. I too have multiple streams of income and LOVE selling on Amazon. I live in Atlanta, GA with my husband, 2 kids and 4 pets.

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