As Amazon sellers, price management can be a big deal. Good repricing is not about lowering to keep up with the competition on shared listings but tweaking higher. Basically, sellers want to charge the highest amount that they can for an item and still sell it at a particular velocity. In the past, automatic repricers have come with a hefty price tag, with a good one running no less than $50 a month and some which are based on selling algorithms can run thousands per month based on sales volume.

Amazon just released it’s own repricer that comes free with a professional sellers account ($39.99/month), called Automate Pricing (still in Beta). As Amazon says, “Pricing rules change your prices automatically in response to events like Buy Box or lowest price changes.”

It will allow you some automation that you can base on your own costs however it will only allow you to lower your price not raise it automatically. As sellers we want to charge the highest price the market will bear, and as a company Amazon wants sellers to be lowering prices constantly. This benefits them, because they still receive their fees on each sale and happy customers, but not us, because as sellers our profit goes DOWN. Many sellers think that this will open up the repricing field to beginners who will choose a quick sale over profit and then prices will plummet. Additionally it is not even in the same field with algorithmic repricers such as  Feedvisor, which will allow you to set a rule to the effect of, “Set the price within this range so that 4 of these per day sell,”. It also jumps down to the lowest price rather then doing incremental drops which further naAutomate Pricing On Amazon.comrrows profit margins. Repricer, Appeagle did a good blog post explaining this.

So, it looks like if you want to have the ability to raise prices or maximize drops to maximize profits then Automate Pricing is not for you. If you want to set some basic rules do allow for price drops to sell out more quickly then it’s a good feature and you can’t beat the price.

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