Stephen Smotherman Reviews Scanner Monkey

Review of Scanner Monkey

by Stephen Smotherman

13929087111273557155“Scanner Monkey” –  it USED to be a negative term. A reseller with a barcode scanner would swing from book sale to book sale scanning books like a mad man. “I saw that annoying Scanner Monkey at the book sale today.” But what once was a derogatory term has now been changed for good.

A Scanner Monkey is now someone to be looked up to. Scanner Monkeys believe in the abundance mentality and are glad to share their wealth of knowledge. It first started out with sharing a few BOLOs (an item to Be On the Look Out to resell) but has since evolved into an amazing community of resellers who help each other in all aspects of reselling life.

Some may see a yearly fee to be a Scanner Monkey and not know what to think. I can tell you that from just one BOLO post, I more than paid for my membership fees for the next ten years. Not only can you make money with the BOLO posts, but you can also increase your bottom line by learning from the experiences of others in the group. At least once a week, there is a webcast where you get a glimpse into the life of a multitude of Amazon resellers. Each one contains informative, educational, inspirational, and often hilarious interviews with other Scanner Monkeys who are finding success.

The Scanner Monkey group is not just about business as usual, but is about having some fun too! From original memes, hilarious one liners, and stories that will have you laughing out loud, this group will keep you in stitches. If you’re the competitive type, there are also contests to enter. Who had the longest retail receipt of the day? How much do you think I spent on this cart full of Target clearance toys? What will the sales rank be of this item on Friday at noon? Correct answers get fun prizes from the Monkey Mascot to gift cards!

The members in the Scanner Monkey group take care of each other. They keep things positive, and they’re always glad to lend a helping hand. One time there was a Scanner Monkey who was going through a very hard time in their personal and business life. A multitude of Scanner Monkeys stepped up and donated gift cards, exclusive BOLOs, and other encouragement to this member in need.

This group is not just about making more money and improving business practices. This group is an amazing community of like-minded individuals who come together to do life together. I’ve made new friends through this group and have grown as a person thanks to the daily interactions I have with each and every Scanner Monkey.

Stephen Smotherman

Stephen Smotherman is a regular contributor to the Scanner Monkey Facebook group and shares TONS of valuable insights on how to better your FBA business on his blog

$1800 in ONE DAY from Scanner Monkey BOLOs

$1800 in ONE DAY from Scanner Monkey BOLOs

I finished reading John Groleau’s book, Adventures in Arbitrage, last night (2/26) around midnight and he mentioned your web site and Scanner Monkey’s support system in one of his last chapters so I decided to check it out before going to bed.  Quite frankly I had figured it probably will not be a big deal and would only take a few minutes of my time to say “yeah, I know all of this already”. WRONG……3 hours later (yes 3 am PST) I had signed up as a new member and I was still exploring the wealth of information present on your website.

Now we fast forward to this afternoon.  I was passing by a very old CVS store I decided to give it a try and go sourcing using the BOLOG information available for CVS stores on your web site.  I pulled up the list on my phone and studied it before going in (I must add that I was very skeptical and not really believing that this will work). The first item that was listed under CVS was Ty Beanie Boos Blossom Multi Colored Lamb 6″ Plush so I headed for the toy section and sure enough there was a ton of Ty Beanie Babies on the shelf (and they were even on sale for $4.99 from original price of $6.99!). I started scanning them all and in less than 30 minutes I had found 38 Beanie Babies that were selling any where from $25 to $69 each!!! Wow, unbelievable…..this one trip to CVS had already paid off 10 times more than my subscription cost to ScannerMonkey!

But wait there is more…after doing my happy dance and declaring my eternal devotion to the Scanner, since I still had some time I hesitantly decided to browse and scan some of the very old and dusty toys on the shelves near by. You can imagine my surprise and delight when the old Barbie dolls that were being sold at CVS for $18 to $22 turned out to be hard to find and collectible toys that were being sold on Amazon for $145 to $179!! Bought them all off course and even found some other items like Leap Frog pads/books at very discounted prices.

A long story short I think this one trip alone will net me close to $1800 in profits (for one hour of work) and all thanks to your website and its great members willing to share and educate other online sellers – I am forever grateful (to you and to John G. who guided me to your site!).  The most interesting part is that I have been passing by this CVS for awhile now but would have never considered sourcing at this location (specially for toys!) if it was not for the information available on the!!! SO thank you Jay and the wonderful community!

-Michele P.