100K Per Year And Can Relocate At Will!

100K Per Year And Can Relocate At Will!

Rod is a full time Amazon seller living in Lafayette, Louisiana. He has been selling online since Feb 2014. He sources via wholesale, private label, and retail arbitrage. He also earns money doing some bookkeeping for a local hotel company.
Goals: “I’m striving to transition from a lifestyle business to an equity business and building our seasoning and sauce brand. I love the location flexibility online selling provides, my wife is finishing her PhD and will be on the job market in the next few months. Its a relief to know I’ll be able to operate this business wherever we land.”
Moo-Lah: “We’ve doubled our sales and increased our profit margin every year. We are striving to do the same this year with a goal of 300k in sales and a 35% profit.”
A Few Things: “I live with my wife and daughter. I also have 3 grown children making their way in the world.:-) I love watching The Profit.”
What do you love about being a part of Scanner Monkey?
“Such a variety of people and business models, I learn so much.” 
$1800 in ONE DAY from Scanner Monkey BOLOs

$1800 in ONE DAY from Scanner Monkey BOLOs

I finished reading John Groleau’s book, Adventures in Arbitrage, last night (2/26) around midnight and he mentioned your web site and Scanner Monkey’s support system in one of his last chapters so I decided to check it out before going to bed.  Quite frankly I had figured it probably will not be a big deal and would only take a few minutes of my time to say “yeah, I know all of this already”. WRONG……3 hours later (yes 3 am PST) I had signed up as a new member and I was still exploring the wealth of information present on your website.

Now we fast forward to this afternoon.  I was passing by a very old CVS store I decided to give it a try and go sourcing using the BOLOG information available for CVS stores on your web site.  I pulled up the list on my phone and studied it before going in (I must add that I was very skeptical and not really believing that this will work). The first item that was listed under CVS was Ty Beanie Boos Blossom Multi Colored Lamb 6″ Plush so I headed for the toy section and sure enough there was a ton of Ty Beanie Babies on the shelf (and they were even on sale for $4.99 from original price of $6.99!). I started scanning them all and in less than 30 minutes I had found 38 Beanie Babies that were selling any where from $25 to $69 each!!! Wow, unbelievable…..this one trip to CVS had already paid off 10 times more than my subscription cost to ScannerMonkey!

But wait there is more…after doing my happy dance and declaring my eternal devotion to the Scanner Monkey.com, since I still had some time I hesitantly decided to browse and scan some of the very old and dusty toys on the shelves near by. You can imagine my surprise and delight when the old Barbie dolls that were being sold at CVS for $18 to $22 turned out to be hard to find and collectible toys that were being sold on Amazon for $145 to $179!! Bought them all off course and even found some other items like Leap Frog pads/books at very discounted prices.

A long story short I think this one trip alone will net me close to $1800 in profits (for one hour of work) and all thanks to your website and its great members willing to share and educate other online sellers – I am forever grateful (to you and to John G. who guided me to your site!).  The most interesting part is that I have been passing by this CVS for awhile now but would have never considered sourcing at this location (specially for toys!) if it was not for the information available on the ScannerMonkey.com!!! SO thank you Jay and the wonderful ScannerMonkey.com community!

-Michele P.

Star Monkey! Sourcing on a BIKE?!?!

Star Monkey! Sourcing on a BIKE?!?!

This week, Scanner Monkey member, Pam D, amazed us all when she shared that she had totaled her car and had gone sourcing on her BIKE!



She then amazed us all by posting a picture of her sourcing trip. After expressing our happiness that she was safe and sound and our condolences about her car we were amazed by her incredible commitment and dedication to her business and improving her life.

She simply replied,

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.24.24 PM

I asked Pam a few questions about her background and business situation.

She has been selling on Amazon for 2 years after selling on eBay. She sources mostly via retail arbitrage with some online arbitrage as well. She sells “very part time” as she is “lucky enough to have a full time job that I love, designing lights for concerts, dance, theater, and corporate events”. She sells about $3K – $5k per month. She does it for the “fun and the thrills” and she loves the “side benefits” such as no longer having any debt. She has also saved for retirement, and she is buying a new (used) car to replace her totaled one, which she is able to pay cash for. She plans to do some remodeling on her house in the next year which she also will pay cash for. Her side hustle is both joyful and profitable. 

She loves being a part of the Scanner Monkey tribe! “I love the camaraderie within the tribe! It seems like there’s less negativity within the group, and more people willing to help if someone needs some answers.

She also hangs out with her poodles, Bocelli and Willoughby and loves to camp and fish. Her favorite food is frozen blueberries with milk and coconut syrup.

We are so proud to have her as one of our Scanner Monkeys! Thanks Pam!

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