Karen is a part timer who lives in the Milwaukee area and has been selling on Amazon since 2009. She has sourced via arbitrage, wholesale and private label but prefers PL and bulk WS buys. She has multiple streams of income including from her published books and latest e-book at Beanie Babies Price Guide.
She started selling originally to liquidate her Beanie Baby collection after heart surgery, but did so well that as her health improved she was able to pay off their debt, mortgage, cars and for her children’s tuition. They also saved enough for her husband to retire early. She sells on Amazon in the US and in the UK. In addition to continuing to earn and save, she sells, “because I enjoy it. I like to learn new things, put them into action, and help others along the way if I can.”
To keep things simple, but welcome new challenges, be they learning new “rules”, new ways to promote products, new ways to grow, finding ways to help others, but still having time for exercise, family, and friends.”
I aimed for $10,000/month gross sales but I’m now over $18,000 gross sales. I am still mastering the intricacies of QuickBooks Online so I can give a more meaningful number. I haven’t even counted the UK sales yet. They’ve been hovering about 400 pounds/month.
A Few Things
“We are at a fun stage of life where the children are grown (son 31, 2 daughters 27 and 20), and husband retired this year at age 60 after working 44 years. We have the freedom to travel when and where we want, and my Amazon business can go with me.”
What do you love about being part of the Scanner Monkey tribe?

The friendship and support. The laughs and the compassion. The variety of business models. The humor.