The Origins of Scanner Monkey

The Origin Story of Scanner Monkey

In November 2012 Jay posted a question in a Facebook group about why Amazon did not sell a particular “hot toy”, even though it was ranked in the top 1,000 in the toys category – creating quite a stir amongst a few members.  Many were opposed to sharing product finds, while others were more supportive.  So, he developed friendships with those supportive and positive minded online sellers that were eager to share information and tips with others.  He then decided to create a Facebook group that embraced that same philosophy of freely sharing information and tips on sourcing inventory and selling.

So, in October 2013, the Scanner Monkey Facebook group was formed with the following mission statement as the driving force behind all conversations and discussions within the group:

The Scanner Monkey group provides a positive, uplifting and fun place in which online sellers can gather and share BOLOs & retail arbitrage tips with other like-minded and positive thinking members without fear of persecution or negativity.