What is a white label product?

White label is when you order a product from an established manufacturer with your own branding on it. It’s essentially the same thing they already sell but now you have your own brand. If you order a high enough quantity you may even be able to get it customized. It can be a much lower cost way to make your own product to sell online. If you are knowledgable about trends and niches then you can take your knowledge and apply it to develop something exciting and unique. Then set up a brand on Amazon.com, register for the brand registry and be the “owner” of this online. White labeling is more about up front research. You can dive in with a much lower budget than with other types of product development such as private label.

We asked white label expert Katharyne Shelton, of the Blue Sky Create Course and Suite, about her thoughts on this. She gave us this tip, “Emotion is powerful! It drives customers to hit the ‘buy’ button and if they feel really strongly, they’ll hit the ’share’ button too and brag about their purchase. No one wants to tell the world about a boring trip to Target for paper towels. But if Bounty put skulls and tattooed mermaids on the paper you’d be all over that! Well, someone would. With Christmas on the way, it’s time to stock up on items that your buyers will OBSESS about! It’s never been easier to get a unique product made – and how much competition is there on mermaid paper towels? (None!)”

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